Our Success has been built on our open and honest approach combined with Agile Principals. 
We are all unique in our own way; we embrace flexibility and are passionate about service excellence.

We are a people business. Relationships underpin what we do and we act as brand ambassadors for our clients. As clients provide testament to:

“The success of Baseline is in their ability to understand the culture of a business and the individual teams that sit within that; enabling them to provide a high calibre of candidates that are customer focused, deadline driven, adaptable to change and who are constantly striving to exceed expectations.”

Having the right team in place is paramount to business success.

We work with professionals who are’ tried and tested’ within their specialism who can commence an assignment or role and add value from day one.

We will Listen to you so that we fully understand the requirements and will advise, consult and challenge where necessary; We always keep the lines of communication open. 


 Our team are honest, approachable and will respond quickly.



Testimonial from Interim HR Consultant | Recruiting for various commercial companies

Always enjoy working with Tracey.

Her energy, enthusiasm and insight are invaluable. Tracey has helped me find many great candidates for several different businesses. She is easy to work with, quick to gain understanding of the business needs and makes it easy to go through what can be a very demanding process to find the best people. 

Tracey never shies away from difficult requirements, conversations and challenges. She is straightforward, real and open in her approach.

I would highly recommend you start a conversation with Tracey and see what she can do for your business!


 We aim to surpass your expectations and become your consultancy of choice.




Our market intelligence and extensive network means that we reach both active and passive candidates;

We pride ourselves in our shortlist success rate, we have been in the industry long enough not to waste anybody’s time and would rather send one or two relevant CV’s than a longer shortlist to make up numbers.

Our customers, both clients and candidates come back to us time and time again.

As an SME business our Agile principals mean we stay ahead of the curve; our sourcing mechanisms are constantly evolving and we will adapt and tailor our processes according to client requirements.

By recruiting with Baseline you will work with experienced, well networked consultants who have access to the highest calibre candidates.

‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them’ Albert Einstein